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Thank you Ms. Perez for sending this photo of Hummer and very kind note. He will be missed. We know you gave him the best care possible throughout his life.

Best animal care!!!!

I've used this vet for over 10 years. Dr. Balko is the most sincere, honest, caring vet I have ever had in all my life. I am a senior citizen so I've had many. My dog has always rec'd the best care at this facility. The entire staff bends over backwards for everyone. I would go noplace else, even if I moved, I would travel to go there would.  


Jacks has been a patient with Faithful Companions Animal Clinic for over two years. We moved here from Ohio and went to 3 other clinics before we found Faithful Companions. Everyone is so nice and they remembered him after his first visit and even remembered details about his health without even checking his chart! When I had a problem they fit him in immediately, same day, and they go above and beyond to make him happy and healthy.  We recently moved to FT. lauderdale and we drive over 45 minutes to go to this clinic because they really are the best and they take special care of Jacks.  Thank you so much!

Cat sleeping

Party Cat!
Cat with a tie on

Nice Job by Marilyn M. at InsiderPages

I used this veterinarian when I first purchased my persian cat. She was very nice. I also used their grooming service there too and they also did a great job on my cat.

Dear Dr. Balko and staff,
I just wanted to write a testimonial of how happy Lucy and we are that we found you.
and that you are taking care of Lucy now for almost one year.
After moving from Miami back in 1996 and going to another Animal Clinic for many years,we just weren't happy and then after seeing your practice for such a long time everytime we went to State Farm, the cleaners or Winn-Dixie, we decided we wanted Dr. Balko to become Lucy's vet.
We are so happy we made that change and recommend her and her very friendly, nice and courteous staff.

Dr. Balko and staff,
Since Lucy passing on December 19th, 2010, I have been trying to get myself to e-mail you this note of appreciation.
On behalf of my husband, myself and our sweet and loving "LUCY" we want to thank you for being Lucy's vet, even for a short time, for all the love, kindness and concern you always showed our sweet Lucy and the your honesty especially during the last few years of her life.
It was always such a pleasure visiting you and your office and your caring staff.
Though Lucy is now passed, we miss her very much, cry for her everyday but she will live in our hearts forever!!!!!!
Thank you Dr. Balko for everything you did for our Lucy. We will never forget you Dr. Balko and neither will Lucy as she roams around in the beautiful land of "Rainbow Bridge."
Ramon and Patricia Lopez
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